29 June 2012

Nature is best!

Ahhh~ The weather is so nice, so nice, sooooo nice!
It's definately time to hit the lake. Not literally of course -^^-
Our lake is so clear, you can almost see the bottom. Almost, because it is much too
deep. It gave me a real fright! I kept thinking of how deep it might be, whether there were caves
underwater, presumably where all the fish had gone to have a chat ...

28 June 2012

The Man called 'Moon'

I was sort of annoyed at my boyfriend again, for not calling me...

These problems never get solved on their own, we are both much too blockheaded for that.
Anyway, I went to town to try and forget about it, but mainly to get more information about going to France.
That's when I met Monw. Apparently its indian for 'Moon'. So I told him that my name means 'white hand'.
- I think he liked that because he kept calling me his goddess.

Result: I know now that the sky in India looks exactly the same.

All men are stupid.

13 June 2012

Fab Fashion Collage

That was a great shoot!!!
I have the feeling that us three girls make quite a good team  -^^-